10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathroom is one of the rooms that can greatly influence the overall price of the estate. If it happens that you have a small bathroom, you might consider to make it bigger, as this can greatly increase your price of the home once you start selling it. While it is better to have a spacious bathroom than the smaller one, making it bigger requires a lot of things to do. Luckily, you can use some tricks that will definitely make your bathroom look bigger, without breaking the walls and expanding it.

Avoid dark and over bright colors

Dark colors are not for bathrooms, period! You want to keep the contrast at the medium or low, and white color is exactly what you need as it gives the feeling of spacious space. Also, avoid using dark wallpapers as these will make your bathroom look even smaller than it is.

Tiles must be matched

If you use multiple colors and different tiles on floor, walls and ceiling, expect to see an unbalanced bathroom contrast that will make your room smaller. If you use one color or two-three variations of the same color additionally, you can expect to get more space.

Use vertical tiling

Yes, vertical tiling will remove the “border” of tiles and therefore make your space much bigger. Usually, showers have tiled walls, but the tiles do not go all the way up, but rather to the point where the shower ends. For that reason, place the tiling all the way up to the ceiling.

Use the sliding doors

While the doors must be opened well without problems, sometimes these cannot work properly due to small space. The best alternative is to use the sliding doors. You will not take up too much of the space, but you will have fully functional door.

Bright lighting is a must

If you do not place enough light bulbs in a bathroom, you could get a small room that lacks of light. You can use window to deliver the natural light, or you can add more bulbs to illuminate the room and make it fresh and big.


Placing the big and wide mirrors will create the illusion of the big space, even though it is not. Remember that these can be a bit expensive, but they will give you much more than you will pay for. This is the best way to make your bathroom bigger.

Contemporary design of furnishings

Yes, modern design makes everything look nice and bigger! The sleek fixtures and the modern elements can transform your small bathroom in a cool and spacey room. Of course, do not use too much of these, as it can produce the opposite effect.

Shower glass

Glass always comes in handy when you consider making your space bigger. Shower curtains are a bit of old-fashioned so consider using the glass. Though it is a bit expensive, it will “enlarge” your space and make your bathroom look spacey and modern.

Use storage carefully

Place the cabinets in the way that they do not create a bulky feeling. Place them carefully to save the precious space inside the room. These cabinets can be used to store all the chemicals you use for the cleaning.

Utilize towel racks

These can greatly increase your space as they are built in the wall. They allow you to hang your towels, without sacrificing too much of your space.